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Skillzooms.com is a highly innovative linking platform between Jobseekers, Institutes, Employers and consultants for ITI/UG diploma holders and Graduates. Skillzooms.com is capable of assessing the employability skills of Jobseekers, which will assist the employment market to find the right candidates in the shortest possible time in the most economical way.


  • To create a unique website for a competitive niche.
  • To target a specific location whilst providing location-centric services.
  • To offer the users with the option of 2 languages.


  • To develop an easy-to-use website for the users.
  • To create a user-focused, visually attractive and engaging app design.
  • To provide the user with a website that can offer them a number of services.
Skillzooms - Job portal


  • The project was started by engineering the initial user interface as per the specifications of the client.
  • Integrating the elements that the team found to be important on the website.
  • Designing the website keeping in mind the user's perspective.
  • Making the website user-friendly.

Web design project results

  • The website was well-received by the users.
  • Users were quick to respond to the newly designed website.
  • The site received a huge rate of user engagement.

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