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Deluxe Rugs N Carpets offer high-quality rugs that are hand crafted by skilled artisans and imported from various destinations. They are in the pursuit of attaining dominance in the Australian online market as the preferred source for exquisite rugs. The studio brings you an endless variety of custom-made rugs that blend soft and colorful fibers and yarns to adorn your decor.


  • Attaining better traffic for the website.
  • Boosting search engine ranking.
  • Apply SEO strategies to boost their web presence.
  • Increase online visibility to provide the company a competitive edge in the online sphere.


  • A niche-specific industry that lacked an online presence.
  • Building a website that was comprehensive and responsive.
  • Formulating relevant content for the brand.
  • To increase traffic influx for the website from different sources.
Australian ecommerce SEO case study


  • Our main objective was to set a strong online customer base for the brand through an effective integrated online marketing campaign.
  • The content of each page was optimized to rearrange the focus on target keywords.
  • Conducting a comprehensive keyword research analysis to gain an insight into the search behavior pattern of consumers.
  • Compelling on-site content was formulated and optimization strategies were implemented.

Web design project results

  • Deluxe Rugs N Carpets experienced supreme user engagement and enhanced online visibility.
  • The organic traffic saw a massive boost of nearly 120%.
  • The bounce rate on the website reduced by 66.05%.
  • The average conversions on the website were up by roughly 261%.

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