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The Mango Orchard was conceived not just as another weekend home plotting project. With over 2500 full mango trees, overlooking the Pavagarh hills and amidst serene environs it surely has more natural beauty than any other weekend project in this region. Own a plot and be assured of all the exciting facilities, a matchless ambiance and a lifetime of enjoyment!


  • To leverage on the rapidly evolving media space, to augment the brand's visibility.
  • To attract new leads to their weekend homes and plots through social media interaction.
  • To enhance the overall traffic and revenue for The Mango Orchard through the social arm of the business.


  • To build a superlative social media presence for The Mango Orchard.
  • To quickly and effectively build a rapport with the prospective audiences, initiate and engage in conversations with prospects.
  • To build a conversation around the brand and enhance overall engagement.
  • To be extremely innovative and creative in promoting the real estate marketing niche, also making sure that the content is extremely interactive and shareable.
Mango Orchard case study


  • After a thorough industry and competition research, it was determined to focus on Facebook as the primary social media marketing platform.
  • The team created a beautiful and engaging Facebook page.
  • Highly-interactive and appealing content was drafted to establish an immediate rapport with the prospective audiences.
  • A wide variety of content pieces were created to not only engage the current users but also effectively encourage them to share it with their connections.

SMM campaign results

  • The Mango Orchard achieved a drastic improvement in their website's traffic.
  • The Facebook page started getting an increasing amount of page likes on a consistent basis.
  • The client experienced a tremendous boost in their on-site visits inquiring for their weekend homes and plots.

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