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Having successfully listed and sold real estate in the Downtown Los Angeles area for years, Premier Real Estate Brokerage, INC was all set to establish an even stronger social media presence on Facebook and YouTube. Having worked with e-IntelligenceTM in the past for their SEO campaigns, they were completely confident in the agency's social media marketing experience and capabilities.


  • To establish a strong social media presence on Facebook and YouTube.
  • To establish the brand presence and authority on social media platforms.
  • To achieve more business leads, both organically and through paid advertisements, and also increase engagement with existing customers.


  • To market one of the most complex niches like real estate.
  • The client had barely any social media presence in the past.
  • To build Facebook and Twitter profiles in a way that matches the client's web properties, including the website.
  • To come up with innovative ideas to create a strong page-audience and initiate conversations.
  • A continuous monitoring of brand-specific comments, posts, reviews, and mentions on both Facebook and Twitter was required.
LA Downtown case study


  • A research was conducted to identify the brand's strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities as well as threats.
  • A platform-specific execution roadmap was created.
  • Building the brand's presence on the respective platforms.
  • Organic and paid content was created to promote the brand and to raise awareness.
  • Engagement related content such as quizzes, contests, polls to name a few.

SMM campaign results

  • The social media marketing plan for LA Downtown Condos was an instant hit, the clients connected with their existing customers quite easily on these platforms.
  • Through the existing client's reviews, the brand managed to connect with an even wider fan-base of potential customers.
  • Social media became a regular part of the brand's traditional marketing budget.

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