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Digital Marketing services for Training Centers

Digital Marketing services for trainng institutes

The Client: www.cossindia.net

Complete Open Source Solutions (COSS) is a leading chain of Linux training centers in India. Having been awarded as the 'Best Certified Red Hat training partner' on a multiple occasions and recognized for their outstanding contribution towards Red Hat Linux, they have imparted world class training to over 5000 Engineers across the country so far. As authorized Red Hat and Novell training partners, they are well-known for offering high-quality, premium-value and hands-on training to students, professionals, and government as well as large enterprises alike, well-supported by world-class infrastructure and strong industry interface. Being an ISO 9001-2008 certified company; they continuously strive to improve their processes to serve their customers better.

The Objective

As a long established leader in Red Hat training, COSS India has a strong brand and an excellent reputation. Even with this well-established and positive positioning, the increasing competition from other institutions placed added pressure on COSS to maintain a profitable online marketing presence. An aging site and an accelerating cost of leads were having a negative impact on COSS' ability to acquire new student. This encouraged them to consider investing in organic as well as paid search promotions to maintain a high search profile and effectively engage with the potential students. But, an in-house online marketing did not quite work out as they had expected. Hence, they approached e-IntelligenceTM seeking their proven and unique approaches to update and improve their overall web presence.

The Challenge

Although the institute's name was its top keyword: "Complete Open Source Solutions", it did not rank very well when e-IntelligenceTM was approached. Due to the disorganized website structure, the company had to lose several leads and was not able to effectively portray its advantages to its potential audience. This highlighted to its top management, the need to better gauge their stakeholders' behaviour on the web, and also to improve the overall effectiveness of the website's online course registration process. The SEO team at e-IntelligenceTM faced the following primary challenges:

  • The website did not meet the current industry demands as well as the search engine standards. It was very hard to maintain and update.
  • The website needed to be improved in several ways, including improving the overall structure, look and feel and content.
  • Due to a lack of experience in digital marketing, the institute had to rely heavily on traditional media for attracting new students.
  • As the Google Analytics setup on the website was out-dated, it failed in providing an accurate tracking of the leads through the registration activities.
  • The visit-to-lead conversion rate needed to be increased.
  • For their self-managed Google AdWords PPC campaigns, the costs were shooting upwards without a corresponding increase in new student enrollments. The conversion rates were decreasing while cost per lead was increasing. The ads were directing the incoming traffic to general program pages instead of the call-to-action-oriented pages.
  • They were not able to engage with their existing as well as potential students on the social media platforms.
To continue to meet the growth expectations in its highly challenging and competitive niche, COSS determined they needed additional marketing resources and expertise in online marketing and analytics.

The e-IntelligenceTM Solution

e-Intelligence'sTM Digital Marketing team commenced this campaign by carrying out a comprehensive web ecosystem audit of COSS India as well as carefully reviewing their existing paid search and social media initiatives. This helped them understand the configuration and flow of visitors, lead generation and student registration details. The audit led to identification of various issues related to the implementation of analytics across the website. The SEO experts at e-IntelligenceTM built custom data filters as well as cross and sub domain tracking codes and installed them on the site. The website was redesigned with more direct conversion paths and events to effectively divert the potential leads to the pages that they seek. The PPC experts at e-IntelligenceTM carefully analyzed the goal tracking and visitor flow in the existing ad campaigns, and then restructured them in a way that provided a clear understanding of the conversion and abandonment behavior. This was followed by fine-tuning their Social Media platform presence. The SMM experts strategically re-shaped their Facebook and Twitter pages making them more user-friendly and engagement-oriented. They also effectively established the paid Facebook ad campaigns to generate more leads for the select Red Hat certification courses as well as build up a stronger page fan base. With this campaign, they not only achieved a well-established presence but also became highly competitive in their respective niche online.

The Results

e-Intelliegence's work with COSS India on their website as well as the search and social platforms resulted in the following outcomes:

1. Top Spots on Google for the Target Keywords

As a result of the effective On-page and Off-page optimization implementation, COSS India achieved the top rankings for its target keywords within a matter of weeks, as can be seen in the table below:

2. Increased Traffic to the Website

The below shown results confirm the website traffic growth for COSS India:

  • The monthly organic traffic to the website was increased by 206.68%.
  • The average new visitor traffic to the website was improved by 211.09%.
  • The average bounce rate on the website was brought down by nearly 10%.

3. Enhanced PPC Campaign Results

After e-IntelligenceTM took over COSS India's existing paid search campaigns, the results improved drastically, as highlighted below:

  • The average Click Through Rate (CTR) was increased by 123%. This was done by maintaining top position on Google and getting maximum clicks for every impression.
  • The average Conversions were increased drastically by 1600%. The primary reasons behind this were: proper segmentation of ads, right selection of keywords and strategically designed landing pages. The content of the ads was designed in such a way that it not only provided the right details about the courses offered, but also improved the overall engagement.

4. A Lucrative Social Media Presence

The SMM experts at e-IntelligenceTM effectively created the buzz around the COSS India brand on Facebook in such a manner that resulted in the following outcomes:

  • As a result of the organic activities on COSS' Facebook page, they noticed a tremendous leap in their page likes and actions. Just within a few weeks upon the organic campaign implementation, the page had received over 2000 new likes. The average number of people talking about the page was also improved by effectively building active conversations and follower-base in various interested groups.
  • Their organic page posts received six times higher reach. At the same time, the average page views were increased by about 80%.
  • For the Facebook ads, that e-IntelligenceTM ran for COSS, below are the few campaign highlights:
  • For the campaign run for the course RH-401 RedHat Enterprise Deployment & Systems Management, COSS received 235 new conversions. The total number of impressions for this campaign was over 150,000.
  • For the CL- 210 (Cloud Computing) Course ad, they received 400 new conversions. Again, for this campaign as well they received over 150,000 impressions.
  • For the RedHat Exam Double Attempt Offer Course Advert, the client received total 836 conversions. For this campaign, the ad achieved more than 330,000 impressions.
  • For the Red Hat Certified Engineer Course ad, COSS India achieved 892 conversions. The total number of impressions was over 400,000.
  • For all the campaigns, e-IntelligenceTM Social Media team ensured that the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression) remained negligible.
  • COSS India received 2 times ROI on their advertising efforts on Facebook.

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