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Northern hot tub covers

Northern Hot Tub Covers has been selling custom 'made in Canada' covers and accessories in Northern Ontario for over three decades. Driven by the mission to produce the highest quality products, the company endlessly researches for the new ways and materials to improve upon their existing product portfolio.


  • Integrate search and social media efforts for the website
  • Promote their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to their target audience
  • Find the right customers from search engines


  • Poor website structure
  • Low quality website content
  • No mobile responsiveness for the website
  • Lower level of use engagement
  • Higher bounce rate
Hot tub Parts case study


  • Website optimization
  • Keyword optimization in the website content
  • Web presence optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Content marketing efforts

SEO campaign results

  • Top rankings for all targeted keywords
  • Average website traffic from the search engines up by 438%
  • Conversion rate on the website up by 251%
  • Bounce rate decreased0 by 73%
  • Social media user engagement up by 85%

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