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Sunfin Baroda Realty

Barodarealty.com, owned by SunFin Realty, specializes in real estate advisory and transactions services. As one of the premier real estate agencies in India, it offers all retail property loan and insurance solutions under one roof. The company provides an excellent internet platform offering a comprehensive property and financial solutions search. Barodarealty.com also furnishes consultancy services to both trustees and corporate clients.


  • To build a brand new engaging website.
  • To establish a strong online presence for the brand.
  • To strategize a marketing plan to launch the business on the web.


  • To build a fresh, dynamic and unconventional website that was conveniently scalable.
  • To create a unique web identity and presence for Barodarealty.com.
  • To minutely strategize Barodarealty.com's competitive position in the online realty market.
  • To find a quick solution to primary resource and time constraints, through organic search rankings and traffic.
Baroda realty case study


  • Carrying out a detailed market research and environmental analysis to understand what works best for the client.
  • Designing a marketing blueprint and roadmap for Barodarealty.com.
  • SEO team formatted and implemented earnest web strategies.
  • A user-friendly and customized website was created.
  • This was followed by creating SEO-friendly content and links to ensure high visibility and reach.

SEO campaign results

  • The brand attained considerable and measurable online achievements.
  • Higher keyword ranking in Google.
  • The website traffic improved significantly after our services, the website had 2500 average visits per month and the ratio of returning visitors also increased by 58.74%.
  • A well-established online presence ensured maximization of business profitability for Barodarealty.com.

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