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  • While marketing your business online, you have just one aim in mind – to generate sales.
  • Through digital marketing you can get traffic on your website, but only 5 to 8% of your website visitors take action on your website, the rest leave.
  • Remarketing is an effective way to recover the 95% of leads you thought were lost forever.
  • Remarketing has emerged as a clever way to connect to the visitors.
  • It keeps track of people who visit your site and displays your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.
  • These ads will follow the visitor all around on the internet, urging them to rethink their decision.
  • Reappearance of the ads keeps your brand at the top of your customer’s mind.
PPC services

What your PPC campaign will look like?

  • Number 1

    Key trends

    Sales cycles

    Conversion rate averages

  • Number 2



    Landing pages


  • Number 3

    Goal establishment

    Ensuring good fit

    Defining your customer

  • Number 4

    From the scratch

    Optimization of the existing account

    Account launch and ongoing management

  • Number 5

    Most profitable keywords

    Negative keywords

  • Number 6

    Obsessive attention to detail

    Developed by hardcore PPC specialists

    Creative and engaging with sticky content

  • Number 7

    Different types of ads

    Ad copy optimization

    A/B split testing

  • Number 8

    Regular performance review

    Being on top of every movement of customers

    Ongoing testing and refining

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Key stats

For every dollar spent on AdWords, businesses earn two dollars in return.
4 in 10 searchers click on the top PPC ads in search results.
PPC ads get 350% higher click through rates than organic links in search results.
Key stats
The chances of conversions are double in PPC than organic optimizations.
7 in 10 people who clicked on your PPC ad are likely to visit the store within 24 hours.

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