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Reclaimed Flooring Co (RFC) offers a huge variety of reclaimed wood flooring and tailor made flooring creations. The brand is known for its creativity and craftsmanship. They sell various products and kits at exceptional value. The quality of the natural material is their pride and inspiration in everything that we do. The cornerstone and culture of RFC is to keep wood just like wood, full of raw character, personality and timeless beauty.


  • To add a certain touch of sophistication and expertise to the brand's PPC account.
  • To target highly localized geographies across the UK.
  • To increase the awareness of the brand's products and expand the geographic areas they served.
  • To generate higher leads in the targeted regions to increase the overall sales.
  • To obtain high-quality sales inquiries.


  • To improve the conversion volume of the pre-existing campaign.
  • Providing manual expertise in managing their ad campaign.
  • To constantly prove to the management team at RFC that PPC was a viable and profitable marketing alternative for their business.
Reclaimed flooring


  • To create split-test landing pages for RFC in line with their overall website theme and brand promise.
  • Crafting highly-sophisticated landing page for the product category in line with the campaign structuring their AdWords account.
  • Enhancing the user experience along with offer-based messaging.
  • Using a keyword-centric strategy, all the landing pages were fully optimized to improve the performance of the PPC campaign.

PPC campaign results

  • The major KPIs for the PPC campaign for Reclaimed Flooring improved considerably.
  • The average return on investment in the PPC efforts went up by a massive 65%.
  • The average conversion rate for the campaign shot up by over 25%.
  • The number of inquiries from the online wing of their marketing calendar more than doubled.
  • The total sales volume and value both improved roughly by over 100%.
  • The average click-through rate of the campaign was consistently above 5.5%.
  • The ads constantly appeared at the top spot in the search results.

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