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Complement is a leading stock-holding manufacturer of CPU holders, monitor arms, cable trays, table legs and table frames in Denmark. With customers all over the world, Complement is committed to providing high-quality products and services to their customer. Their products are tailor-made to customers' requirements and meet the criterion of 'design meets aesthetics'. They were referred to e-IntelligenceTM from one of the agency's existing Danish SEO clients.


  • To enhance the total performance of their Digital Marketing initiatives.
  • Augmenting the overall business profitability of all paid searches.


  • Attaining better position for the website as well as its Advert listing targeted towards relevant keywords in search engines.
  • Creating a favorable Return on investment on optimization investments, ensuring enhanced overall click-through rates.
  • Analyzing and justifying ROI on lead generations and conversions.
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  • The PPC campaign was initiated after thoroughly scrutinizing Complement's online marketing activities.
  • A detailed research was carried out regarding the market trends and end user's internet habit in the LCD manufacturing and wholesale industry.
  • To drive a superior volume and essence of search engine leads.

PPC campaign results

  • The PPC campaign turned out to be a great success for Complement.
  • The organic promotions and online advertising helped the client in outperforming the competitors by pushing its online presence up the web ladder.
  • The rate of returning visitors was 81.3% after our services.
  • Complement earned a great value for their investment.

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