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PPC for matrimonial website

7Vachan Wedding Consultants India is a one stop solution for all wedding needs. With the largest network of wedding professionals in India across all categories, the team at 7Vachan helps to-be-web couples find the vendors for wedding planning and preparation such as wedding venues, decorators, bridal jewelry, and wedding photographers and videographers.


  • To establish online recognition amongst the target customers.
  • In addition, to focus on Indian customers, they wanted to display PPC ads for NRI customers from USA, UK. UAE and Australia as well.
  • To increase the awareness of various services provided by 7 Vachan and attract customers.


  • Create a strong position for 7 Vachan.com through targeted ads for all services via relevant keywords on major search engines.
  • Identifying the best approach to paid advertising with regard to effective keywords and favorable CTR.
  • Providing high ROI on PPC campaigns through optimized campaign costs and increased conversion costs.
Matrimonial website PPC case study


  • A research was conducted on the relevant keywords and the most effective ones were identified.
  • The performance of each campaign was monitored and the focus was fine-tuned to capture maximum clicks and the costs were optimized as well.
  • International campaigns for NRI markets were also run.
  • The campaigns were designed to target specific geographical regions, which brought the best results.

PPC campaign results

  • The campaign was a mutual success.
  • Our services helped them in outperforming the competitors by pushing its online presence up the search ladder.
  • Over a course of three months, our PPC campaigns showed success by garnering a large number of clicks and conversions, and optimal campaign costs.

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