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  • Recent reports suggest that over 40% of total social media purchases come from Pinterest. On the other hand, more than 50% of retailers use Instagram for promoting their business. Together, Pinterest and Instagram drive more revenue to business websites than any other social media platforms.
  • Helping You See the Big Picture
  • Creating Seamless Visual Experience With Pinterest & Instagram Marketing
  • We start your Pinterest and Instagram marketing journey, by building an eye-catching profile for your business.
Social Media Planning

Which social media platforms are ideal for my business?

Where are your customers the most active? Where do other brands in your niche get the most sales? Where does real interaction happen?

What your SMM campaign will look like?

  • Number 1

    Brand awareness

    Higher traffic and leads

    Customer service and retention

  • Number 2

    Industry trendspotting

    Key competitors spying

    Ask for revisions if you are not satisfied

    Ask for revisions if you are not satisfied

  • Number 3






  • Number 4





    Case studies


  • Number 5

    Facebook advertising

    Twitter advertising

    LinkedIn advertising

  • Number 6

    Monthly reports

    Spotting the key insights

    Campaign refinement

A Day in Life of Your SMM Project Manager

Key stats

You average online customer has about 7 social accounts. That’s 7 different touch points!
Your every fourth in five customers is on Facebook.
Key stats
Your every third prospect goes on social media to get business information.
Your customer trusts what his friend says on social media about your business.

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