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A leading IT Solution Provider offering all-in-one computer networking solutions under one roof.

Since 1992, in sync with the growing scope of the computer networking domain, the company is exclusively focusing its service portfolio on Networking Solutions for Data and Voice communication and connectivity.

Problems & Challenges Faced By Them

Increasing competition for IT service providers.
Lack of knowledge regarding SEO practices.
More inclined towards old marketing techniques.
Poor search engine performance.
The existing website was outdated and was not responsive.
Cut-throat competition in the IT niche.

Solutions Provided By Us

The company was satisfied with our SEO and web development services. Their main motto was generating more leads and revamping existing websites. This was achievable by resolving their coding issues, fixed technical SEO issues, fresh UI interface, and improved their business listing. We performed market research to analyze the target audience and implement strategies for skyrocketing business growth.

IT Solution Provider
Organic sessions
A Well-functional Website
Created a well-architected website that is functional and user-friendly. Considering SEO features, a website that is easy to navigate, well-integrated and aesthetically appealing.
Increase in organic sessions
Implemented SEO optimized measures including competitors’ backlinks analysis, content curation, and Google My Business page optimization enhanced customer engagement and brand awareness.
Inclusive Digital Marketing Strategy
Strategized link-building campaigns with traffic-yielding strategies that assured more backlinks to the website that helped us improve rankings. Grew the number of visitors and improved search engine visibility.

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All our clients’ success stories are extraordinary, giving satisfaction to what we deliver. This case study reflects how we helped our clients to achieve success and meet their business goals. We’ll be the perfect choice for clients who want to enhance their website experience, improve their sales and revenue with well-formulated strategies.

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