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LinkedIn Marketing Services India

  • LinkedIn Business Page and Profile Creation, Optimization and Management
  • Highly Targeted LinkedIn Advertising Services in India
  • we will help your brand stay on your prospective buyers’ minds at all times. Our LinkedIn Sponsored InMail experts will help you deliver the content highly valuable to your customers, right in their email inboxes.
  • The best part about running your advertisements on LinkedIn is that you are in total control of how much you wish to spend, on whom and when. The high-quality text ads created by our team of LinkedIn advertising specialists help you reach your customers anywhere and at anytime.
Social Media Planning

How will you approach my LinkedIn marketing and advertising campaign?

The first pit stop for success on LinkedIn is to ensure that your business has a completely optimized profile as well as the business page on LinkedIn. That’s because this is where your customers would interact with your brand before coming to your website or calling on your business line. At e-IntelligenceTM, our team of expert LinkedIn Marketing professionals in India would help you build a customized business page with a user-centric design. The LinkedIn marketing team also ensures that your business description is up to date and effectively highlights all your background experience and key achievements in your niche. We help you showcase your best product and service portfolio on your LinkedIn business page. And we don’t just stop there! We will help you grow your legitimate and first-hand recommendations about your business and your offerings.

Once your page has been created and optimized, we will help you come up with unique and extremely engaging content for your business through a LinkedIn marketing calendar shared with you on a monthly basis. This helps in spreading your business awareness and also sustaining long-term relationships with your existing customers and partners alike. We come up with a comprehensive organic LinkedIn marketing campaign strategy for your business. Our team of expert LinkedIn specialists in India will approach different high-authority groups in your industry and share your business content there. They would also ensure that your business gets optimum engagement through the involvement into these niche-centric groups. We will also walk you through the entire process of sourcing the leads on this network and establishing a superlative professional connection. Highly Targeted LinkedIn Advertising Services in India

Which social media platforms are ideal for my business?

Where are your customers the most active? Where do other brands in your niche get the most sales? Where does real interaction happen?

What your SMM campaign will look like?

  • Number 1

    Brand awareness

    Higher traffic and leads

    Customer service and retention

  • Number 2

    Industry trendspotting

    Key competitors spying

    Ask for revisions if you are not satisfied

    Ask for revisions if you are not satisfied

  • Number 3






  • Number 4





    Case studies


  • Number 5

    Facebook advertising

    Twitter advertising

    LinkedIn advertising

  • Number 6

    Monthly reports

    Spotting the key insights

    Campaign refinement

A Day in Life of Your SMM Project Manager

Key stats

You average online customer has about 7 social accounts. That’s 7 different touch points!
Your every fourth in five customers is on Facebook.
Key stats
Your every third prospect goes on social media to get business information.
Your customer trusts what his friend says on social media about your business.

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