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Rated As The Best SEO and Website Design Company!

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Linkedin marketing & advertising services agency in India5 in 10 B2B buyers, as per a recent study, suggest that they are more likely to purchase from a brand that actively and meaningfully engages with them on LinkedIn. About 9 in 10 LinkedIn members want to connect with a company page to enhance their buying power.

LinkedIn Marketing Services India – Helping You Generate Leads Through Relevant Content & Precise Targeting

As a leading LinkedIn Marketing Agency in India, with a varied global experience, we can confidently say that with roughly two new members joining every second and each spending about 17 minutes monthly, LinkedIn is simply the most professional social networking platform available to brands and marketers today. This brings an incredible opportunity for your business to expand and boost the revenue by delivering the right content to the right set of target audiences at the right time. Simply put, if you are a business selling your solution to other businesses, or if you are a working professional offering your talent and skills to other colleagues and businesses in the industry, then you MUST have a well-established and strategically-thought-out presence on LinkedIn. Your prospective buyers appreciate the fact that you maintain an up-to-date profile and page on this single largest B2B social media platform. As the LinkedIn marketing experts in India, we are here to help you build a strong business profile for your brand on LinkedIn and attract new customers regularly.

LinkedIn Business Page and Profile Creation, Optimization and Management

The first pit stop for success on LinkedIn is to ensure that your business has a completely optimized profile as well as the business page on LinkedIn. That’s because this is where your customers would interact with your brand before coming to your website or calling on your business line. At e-IntelligenceTM, our team of expert LinkedIn Marketing professionals in India would help you build a customized business page with a user-centric design. The LinkedIn marketing team also ensures that your business description is up to date and effectively highlights all your background experience and key achievements in your niche. We help you showcase your best product and service portfolio on your LinkedIn business page. And we don’t just stop there! We will help you grow your legitimate and first-hand recommendations about your business and your offerings.

Once your page has been created and optimized, we will help you come up with unique and extremely engaging content for your business through a LinkedIn marketing calendar shared with you on a monthly basis. This helps in spreading your business awareness and also sustaining long-term relationships with your existing customers and partners alike. We come up with a comprehensive organic LinkedIn marketing campaign strategy for your business. Our team of expert LinkedIn specialists in India will approach different high-authority groups in your industry and share your business content there. They would also ensure that your business gets optimum engagement through the involvement into these niche-centric groups. We will also walk you through the entire process of sourcing the leads on this network and establishing a superlative professional connection.

Highly Targeted LinkedIn Advertising Services in India

At e-IntelligenceTM, a leading LinkedIn advertising company in India, we help you convert your targeted leads into regular paying customers with relevant ad content. Through LinkedIn’s sponsored updates ad campaigns, we help bring your content right in front of those who matter the most and at the time they are willing to engage with your business. Through precisely-focused and creatively-designed display ads, we will help your brand stay on your prospective buyers’ minds at all times. Our LinkedIn Sponsored InMail experts will help you deliver the content highly valuable to your customers, right in their email inboxes. The best part about running your advertisements on LinkedIn is that you are in total control of how much you wish to spend, on whom and when. The high-quality text ads created by our team of LinkedIn advertising specialists help you reach your customers anywhere and at anytime.

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