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  • A whopping 70% of global retail consumers research products online before making a purchase decision! And about 53% of them buy the products on the Internet itself! In addition, about 95% of tablet owners and nearly 72% of smartphone owners make a purchase with their device at home. So if you are a retail business owner, you no longer have a choice whether to sell your products online or not.
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What your web design project will look like?

  • Number 1




  • Number 2

    Select a ready-made theme

    Decide the design blueprint if you want it from the scratch

  • Number 3

    Customize the structure

    Determine the flow

    Create sticky content

    Integrate important apps and plug-ins

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    Build a blog on your site

    Connect to your primary social media profiles

    Add graphics and multimedia elements

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Key stats

40% of your visitors will leave if your website takes 3 seconds or longer to load.
Your bounce rate will go up by 45% if your visitor finds your site unattractive.
Key stats
2 in every 3 websites is accessed on a mobile device.
7 in 10 websites do not have clear navigation resulting in lesser engagement rate.

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