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FixFinder is an online platform that helps users find mobile device fixers or buyers in their area. The users can compare pricing, warranties, reviews and even download money saving coupons from fixers and buyers.


  • Compelling content for the new site
  • Comprehensive content strategy for overall online success
  • Audience persuasion and engagement
  • To get more inquiries for the fixers and buyers


  • Over-dependence on the traditional media
  • Surviving the prevailing digital noise in the niche
  • Boring nature of business
  • Lower scope of audience engagement
Fix Finder case study


  • SEO audit of the full website and other web assets
  • Structural changes to the website to include more content
  • Removing content duplication
  • Including mobile in the overall content strategy
  • Visual content
  • Social media integration

Content campaign results

  • 80% lift in the content-driven conversions on website
  • 1.5X higher chances of conversion due to increased engagement through content
  • Multi-touch path for the online revenue
  • 5% of overall online revenue attributable to branded content
  • Overall boost in ROI by about 45%

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