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The Ultimate Automotive Digital Marketing Guidebook 2018

Digital Marketing by On Jun 20, 2018

These three forces have left the auto dealers with no choice but to innovate. To adapt to the situation they must seize the opportunity to be innovative with their marketing efforts, disrupt the existing customer acquisition-retention model, and find newer...

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Digital Marketing Guidebook 2018

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guidebook for the Hotel Industry

Digital Marketing by On May 17, 2018

Like other niches, the hoteliers are adapting to an all-new ‘digital-native’ generation of tourists,travelers and guests. Not only the Millennials, online consumers of all ages are fast becoming mobile- and web-savvy. As a result, their hunger for better deals has...

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Digital Marketing for Hotel Industry

How did the Internet predict #StateElections: Deciphering the future of exit polls in India

e-Intelligence News by On Mar 30, 2018

The good ole’ polls didn’t seem to have got it quite right during the recent state elections in India. It’s surprising how most polls were greatly off the mark when it came to predicting the outcomes! And with this latest...

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Internet Prediction on State Elections

Into The Future: Changes in Digital Marketing Yesterday and Tomorrow

Digital Marketing by On Mar 2, 2018

The digital marketing industry in India is flourishing as evident from an increasing number of digital agencies popping up in every part of the country. And, as far as the Indian businesses and marketers are concerned, they no longer seem...

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Digital Marketing : Yesterday and Tomorrow

What’s one social media marketing practice you will ditch in 2017?

SMM by On Dec 28, 2016

With close to 3 billion active social media users worldwide, you just cannot not notice the runaway expansion of its impact on the businesses. As each year passes, this number increases by over 25%. According to a recent study by...

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100 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools For Startups

Startup by On Oct 29, 2016

Due to the explosion of technology, more and more businesses are giving up the traditional marketing methods in favor of digital marketing. The growing force of people resorting to their mobile phones, laptops, and other digital devices makes social media...

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eCommerce SEO Strategies – How We Helped Our Client to Increase their Organic Traffic