Now that you have a clear idea of why employing content marketing strategies in your business is important, don’t you want to know how to gain clients?

Here’s the deal. The only way your customers will be able to trust your content is, if you actually have customers, right?

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3 Simple Ways to Acquire Clients for 2019

Every business starts with a simple goal – obtaining more customers and adding them to the company’s bottom line. All marketing and organizational efforts are fueled by the aim to boost brand awareness, build credibility and acquire new leads.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, a consistent flow of customers undeniably allows your company to grow and achieve the company’s vision. However, gaining a new customer becomes a difficult task and it doesn’t matter on which stage of business you are.

Even successful brands struggle in acquiring new customers. Because to convince a person to spend their money is not easy. However, a concrete customer acquisition strategy can help your business to reach new heights.

But, before we discuss the 3 strategies, which can become the 3 pillars of your business success, let us dig a little deeper by understanding the major determinants for acquiring new customers.

Choose a customer acquisition channel

Before you embark on the journey of adding more clients to your database, work on the customer acquisition channel. Besides having a solid customer acquisition strategy, the acquisition channel is also a major component for any business. Interactions with potential customers are possible through both offline as well as online channels.

Hence, it is very important to choose the right collaterals after a trial and error to understand the potential of each channel. If a particular channel works for a business, the same channel may be terrible for other business and vice versa.

Most companies successfully gather customer data through personal interaction or other forms of offline establishments which can supplement their online marketing strategies. Some businesses succeed solely through WOM (Word-of-mouth) marketing.

Know your potential customers

Lead generation is impossible when you are not aware of your ideal customers. First of all, know your business in-and-out and study it in comparison to the market. When your knowledge surpasses the knowledge of the potentials customers, you are able to attract genuine and interested customers. If you are aware of the nature of the products and services, you will be able to capture the demographics of the customers as well as map their location.

The more segments you identify, the more are the chances of generating leads. Once you have identified the profile of your target customers, you can go ahead and offer them products and services while you also implement the strategies mentioned in this article.

Understand the buyer’s purchase journey

Mapping the buyer’s interests and purchase journey can lead to more revenue. To fulfill their needs, potential buyers research through every possible medium.

Smart customers today, are more than 70% of the way of decision-making before even meeting the salesperson. Which means they know beforehand about their decision.

If you want to boost your leads drastically and generate business, try one of the following strategies:

Work with partners who complement your products and services – Teaming up with partners and associates who complement the services you offer forms a great opportunity to reap the benefits from this amalgamation. Also, the referrals that come along can improve the number of customers acquired.

In-person events are another great platform to advertise your product and connect with people of similar interest.

In this buyer-driven world, events prove to be a fantastic opportunity to build goodwill and connect to potential customers. Moreover, events are an ideal platform to introduce and upsell products and services to customers. Word-of-mouth is the oldest form of marketing techniques yet proves to be affordable and effective to bring in new customers. Partner with a business who has a big audience.

Let AI and Social media be your best friend – Social media is ever-growing. Marketers and business owners need to embrace social media because a large audience today spend most of their time on mobile apps and social media.

The internet has 4.2 billion users out of which there are 3.03 billion active social media users.

Therefore, devise a comprehensive social media strategy that follows the latest social media trends. To name a few:

  • Facebook ads – Facebook today has a whopping 2.072 billion users which makes it an effective advertising platform. Facebook features also allows to select a specific audience (includes age, gender, location, interests, profiling, etc.) to target. The ads will be displayed only to the segment of the audience and help you to connect with the only genuine and interested audience.
  • Sharing video content – 54 percent of internet users actively watch videos on social media platforms. Besides ephemeral content, businesses should also focus on posting videos and stream live videos as they will continue to dominate the market in 2019.

An engaging audience is your biggest potential customer.

  • Artificial Intelligence – It has become one of the most popular and trending technologies owing to its brilliant features of predictive analysis and eliminating human intervention. A mobile phone can identify a human voice and report to its command. This is probably not news anymore because now AIs of phones identify music for you, track your preferences and suggest similar kind of music to you.Starting with filtering leads to converting them, AI has become a very powerful tool. Its predictive analysis plays a major role to tap the consumer behavior which forms the base of acquiring new clients. Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your business to find, engage and contact customers. Utilize it to manage huge data and improve customer service.
  • Chatbots – To stay ahead of times, add a chatbot for your brand. They are relatively easy to add. They are also helpful in quickly closing a sales deal through prompt reply and service. Chatbots can perform better than a human attendant and answer a user’s queries, searching for data online and keep on learning and getting better.The best part about social media is that it helps to know the real-time behavior patterns of existing as well as potential customers. Moreover, social media will help you to build trust amongst the audience and amplify your reach, which works great for attracting new prospects.

Master the art of business storytelling – When you understand the needs and grievances of your potential customers, you are able to deliver tailormade solutions to their problems. When a job is done well, it emerges as a compelling reason for customers to buy your service or product. This is what happens-

When we read or listen to a story, our brains start to imagine and experience the things we are told. It helps you in developing an emotional connection with the audience

So, take the following steps for a brilliant storytelling-

  • Be authentic while sharing your business story with your target audience. Authenticity builds trust which is ultimately the key to convince a potential customer to purchase the product or service you offer.
  • Be consistent and clear while sharing your brand story. The prime factor to be taken care of is that the story you present should be consistent and uniform across all communication channels. Moreover, the story you share should be reflected in your brand’s posters, banners and other digital and print materials.
  • Start with a clear outcome – Describing your story with an exact outcome invokes the thought process, leaves a positive message, and makes it easier for the audience to connect with your brand.
  • Get your customers involved – When you are into business storytelling, you strike an emotional connection with your customers. The experience they derive from the story makes the story memorable and hence, sharable for them. It not only spreads a positive word-of-mouth but also increases the want of the customer to be a part of it. Form a strategy that involves your customers. For example, a case study of how you met the needs of your customers or a live video covering customer experience is perfect.

Keep in mind these points and make storytelling an essential part of your business strategy to invite and retain customers.

To wrap it up, utilizing and integrating multiple channels help business to expand and implement technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence and social media that can take your business to the top.

Follow these approaches and see the huge impact it makes on your organization in terms of customer acquisition. These methods are surefire way expand your customers, irrespective of the size and scale of your business. Lastly, a concrete understanding of problems entails creating informative content through blogs, webinars, guest blogs, and so on. A regular online strategy also proves to be helpful when you are personally networking with people.