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  • If we look at the most recent industry reports, Android accounts for over 80% of the global smartphone shipments and this number is only increasing day-by-day. Also, nearly 6 out of 10 apps downloaded per mobile device are Android apps.
  • e-Intelligence™ covers the entire development cycle – from conceptualization to development. With a proven in-house talent and robust methodology, we deliver Android apps for the complete range of Android devices that include tablets and smartphones. We have created powerful Android apps that deliver engaging user experiences. The enterprise applications that we design for Android apps are actively used by many businesses, from small to large, as well as individuals.
  • Using our decade-full of experience into mobile application development, we develop Android apps that engage and inspire its users.
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What your app development project will look like?

  • Number 1

    Audit of business

    Compiling requirements

    Analyzing the marketing strategy

  • Number 2

    Thinking UX

    Creating a prototype of the app

  • Number 3

    Determining software architecture for the app

    An agile approach to development

    Ongoing evaluation and revisions

    App performance optimization

  • Number 4

    Support in launch

    Post-launch support

    Ongoing maintenance

A Day in Life of Your App Development Project Manager

Key stats

90% of your customers’ time is spent using mobile apps.
Your customer downloads about 8 apps every month on an average.
Mobile app experience increases your conversion rate by 68%.
Key stats
Brand engagement increased by 75% if you have a mobile app.
Ecommerce sales is likely to soar by 6 times, if your business has a mobile app.

Your mobile app is just a click away.

Common App Development FAQs

If we look at the most recent industry reports, Android accounts for over 80% of the global smartphone shipments and this number is only increasing day-by-day. Also, nearly 6 out of 10 apps downloaded per mobile device are Android apps. As the most popular smartphone applications platform worldwide, Android undoubtedly is the LEADER in the space. In today’s fast-paced mobile era, Android offers the global businesses a whole new ecosystem for embodying their innovative ideas and empowering their digital reach. As an open-source platform, Android provides the best of everything that is required to build a winning business mobile application. And the best part is – Android keeps getting smarter, faster and more fluid as the technology advances! With more and more, Android-based smartphones coming out in the market at present, most marketers want to develop a mobile application on the platform for their business. At e-Intelligence™, we optimally utilize the best that the platform has to offer in seamlessly creating and marketing your customized Android app that instantly captures the interest of millions of users across the globe.
e-Intelligence™ was one of the first few digital marketing agencies to have started working developing Android applications at the time of the release of the platform’s SDK. So obviously, we have the first-mover advantage. Our Android apps developers possess a combined platform experience of over a decade. The development team at e-Intelligence™ is extremely talented and has a thorough know-how of subtlety needed to design and create beautiful and innovative apps that are compatible across a wide range of Android-based phones.
The expert developers at e-Intelligence™ know exactly how to transform your business idea into a revenue-generating app. That’s precisely because when we receive your project, we devise a well-defined and highly-efficient project development and implementation model. After carefully analyzing your project requirements and effectively merging it with your overall business objective and the latest trends in your respective niche, we carve out a winning strategy using our years of experience and unprecedented prowess. When building your app, we spend ample of time and resources on conceptualizing the technical layout, QA and validation on multiple Android-oriented devices. That’s simply because these three are the most crucial factors that decide the fate of your app. All the Android apps that we build are designed keeping your end-user in mind.

Our highly skilled designers and developers are committed to offering your app users the best experience. As soon as your business application has been launched and approved, we ensure that it falls right in front of the eyes of your audience and is only a click-away from them. The apps that we create not just look great, but also feature a seamless integration and functioning on the hardware capabilities of any Android-based phone. This advanced business model has enabled us to successfully accomplish a huge number of Android applications across various verticals in the past, and we can do the same for you. With e-Intelligence™ , you are in complete control of how your Android app is created, released and marketed. You have an absolute freedom of constructing your app development timeline that best fits your marketing plan and calendar.

Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle app, an entertainment-oriented/gaming app, an academic app, or an enterprise functionality app, we at e-Intelligence™ have you covered.
Android application development has emerged as a method of generating leads and thus new customers through a business centric app. Customers, nowadays, have embraced technology and they interact with businesses through apps. Therefore, having an app for your business is essential to keep up with the changing dynamics of doing business.
Android app brings visibility to the business and therefore it plays an essential role in generating new business in the form of new customers.

While considering Android app development for your business, the first step you need to take is to hire a company that knows all the nuances of app development. A company with rich experience in app development can easily help your business gain maximum visibility in the app store. e-Intelligence™ can help!
For more than a decade, e-Intelligence™ has been playing an influential role in the app development industry, thus rendering customized android solutions to businesses. Backed by a strong team of developers, e-Intelligence™ has been offering custom Android app development services to help you rise above the competition. We offer a plethora of highly innovative apps based on Android platform to provide you with cutting edge android solutions for various industry verticals.

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